Elliott BROOD, was here...

Vastgelegd en omschreven door liefhebber en fotograaf Klaas Guchelaar. Cicada Rhythm and Elliott Brood at Vanslag. Last Thursday there were no less then two concerts at the Vanslag. Canadian Elliott Brood was back for it’s fourth concert at the venue and Cicada Rhythm from America arrived for it’s first concert at the Borger church.

Foto Andrea DeMarkus - I had hardly had time to recover from the previous concert at Vanslag, Ana Popovic’ gig two days earlier. But from soulful, jazzy blues we’d switch to Americana, folk and a bit of folkrock tonight.

Foto Cicada Rhythm - Cicada Rhythm is touring Europe for the first time and they bring a lovely mix of folk and Americana. Andrea DeMarcus on upright bass and Dave Krislis on guitar, they share vocals and have brought along dummer Colin Agnew on drums. The band leaves a really good impression with great songs and I do so love the upright bass. It’s their first visit to Borger, but I hope they’ll come back sometime soon.

Foto Mark Sasso - After a short break ‘returning champions’ Elliott Brood took over. A strong and long, rocking set with truly fantastic guitar-playing by Casey Laforet, however the whole band was simply terrific! It would be quite unfair to not name Mark Sasso on banjo and guitars and Stephen Pitkin on drums and keys.

Foto Casey LaForet - Although the sound was great and the set just flew by, the one thing that was a bit of a shame was the huge gap between Mark and Casey, both on the furthest possible sides of the stage. Mark was a bit mobile, Casey sat on a stool behind pedals. It would have been good to see them at least a bit closer together. But other then that: great sound, terrific songs and superb light.

Foto Elliott Brood - Once the show was over, the band jumped in the audience and joined in the demands for an encore after which we got a bit of a mini set with 5 more songs, including one of the few (or only) covers of the evening: Bad Moon Rising (however as covers go -or any version of this song for that matter- the best one for me is without any doubt the one by 16Horsepower). Superb night our, many thanks to Vanslag and Roots on the Road and of course to the bands!

Klaas Guchelaar, 3 december 2017